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Chiang mai massage

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Chiang mai massage

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Located in the north of Thailand, Chiang Mai is known for its nature and mountainous landscape. While it is unlikely that anyone working at a massage parlor would take anything, I am often wary about my personal belongings being out of sight during a massage.

Where to find the best massages in chiang mai, thailand

mssage Thai massages involve pushing on pressure points rather than the stroking movement common on oil massages. Therefore you should better know which area to go to right away where you have a bigger selection of girls to choose from. There is gentle music playing and all the staff wear matching traditional outfits. The girls are really hot — much more attractive than the average girl on Loi Kroh Road or even in the cniang.

However, as we traveled to other cities in Thailand — chiqng Chiang RaiBangkok and Thai Islands — I always made sure to fit a massage into my itinerary. Cake, hot tea and a warm cloth were brought to me and I savored them along with the last moments of pampering.

Chiang mai

For whatever reason perhaps it had something to do with four straight months of lugging around a too-heavy-backpacka vigorous Chiang Mai massage completely appealed to me. Subscribe to JetSetting Fools and get new blog posts and our quarterly newsletter direct to your inbox: First Name. The Traditional Thai Massage is always popular.

A couple of samples of the packages we have to offer are the Blooming Life package and the Body and Soul package. The light sound of relaxing music and trickling water as you walked over the paving slabs to get to the spa entrance was a warm welcome of what to expect. Feet are the least sacred part of your body in Buddist culture which is the culture of Thailand.

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Experience the heartful lanna hospitality

The masseuse will likely spend time on the massage table with you, rather than massaging you from a standing position. What do you think is the best massage in the World? It is usual to tip for good service.

Although foot massages, oil massages and various other treatments are available, I opted for the same traditional Thai massage treatment at each facility. The massages are affordably priced at baht for a 1-hour traditional massage. A slight girl appeared, shyly smiling, and led me to the foot bathing station. Although I have not personally visited the mia spas yet!

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Head over to our Travel Planning for more information and tips on traveling — and for country-specific information, take a look at our Travel Guides ! They are located well off the tourist areas in the eastern part of town — I have marked their exact locations on the map at the end of the guide. I was certainly interested enough to find out. As I got changed, she turned on soft music and then wasted no time getting straight to my full body Thai massage.

The treatment room was perfectly clean with flowers on the bed and in dishes of water including the one they wash your feet in before the massage begins as well as gentle music playing and low light which set a relaxing mood.

Kris was completely unimpressed and vowed to never get another Thai massage again. My reviews are based on my own opinions and mak — and I paid for all of the services.

Thai massages are all about applying pressure and stretching the body, which can feel more like a trip to the chiropractor than a relaxing massage. This place never seems to be that busy so always serene. However, it felt more mechanical than instinctual, like she was following a checklist rather Mature massage Ocean City sensing where my body needed to be tweaked.

Spa and Massage Ching Chiang Mai We have a variety of different treatments available at our spas in Chiang Mai, and something to suit everyone.

Chiang mai massage: seeking the best thai massage

The Blooming Life package lets our guests relax and revitalize their skin with minutes of a Body Scrub or Body Wrap, followed by a minutes Aromatherapy Oil Massage. There is also a treatment lobby seperate from the reception room, which has low light, relaxing music and some nice flowers. However apart from that they are always attentive, polite, smiling and very cbiang. Therefore all massage places will wash your feet before you have any treatment as a type of ritual.

Kiriya spa is on your right hand side down a small drive, but there is a on Samlan Road so you cannot miss it. They have chairs where you sit and have a hot massaye tea after your treatment.

Top spas & wellness centers in chiang mai, thailand

Enjoy a massage for yourself or a full day package with a partner or friend. However, these places are as professional and clean as the middle range places.

The more massages I had, the bigger fan I became. This tends to lead to a less relaxing experience as you can hear all the noise of other people talking etc. For each Chiang Swinger girls in San Rafael massage review, I include the details of my visit and tips for fellow visitors.

Rather than a stroking motion used massaage oil massages, it is more firm pressing down over one area, then moving to another area before pressing down again. Therefore wait for them to do this before you get ready for your massage. In my personal opinion, I think Somphet just might offer the best cheap massage in Chiang Mai.

Although the 1-hour Thai massage price is double than most other places, there is an elevated level of client care. Our First Chiang Mai Thai Massage Once the giggling subsided from our clothing mishap and we had the massage clothes on correctly, we had to wait in the lobby for 20 minutes. The staff speak basic English so they understand what they need to in order to deliver your treatments to your needs maj are not great conversationalists.

However the packages are fairly limited and you cannot mix and match to make your own.

Massage chiang mai: our first experience

The massage was completed as requested — the right amount of pressure was applied with special attention to specific areas. She was efficient — and her hands were like incredible steel clamps.

Massage Outfits Because of the techniques used during Thai massages, specific outfits are required for the session.