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Gay brother stories

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Gay brother stories

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You may argue that I am still and I cannot argue about the true meaning of love yet, but I will have to disagree. If there is one thing I know for sure that is the fact that no one can explain what love truly is.

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I gave it to him.

My cum landed in a puddle at his feet, and was quickly washed away with the shower water. It also seemed awkward to me that he never said anything about it. Jeff became like a real brother to me in the coming months. Well that was it for Jeff. We sat and he told me stories about his life in the army and they kept becoming funnier as we included more wine into the equation.

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I slowly jacked his fat rod as I sucked one of his balls into my throat and gently worked it with my tongue. Also, if gay male sex isn't your thing, you might want to stop here.

Also, he was the first to understand that I was gay, without me ever telling him and I respected the fact that he never forced me to discuss the matter. He was lost in ecstasy. This was always the biggest compliment anyone could pay me.

Dan was enjoying himself too much to stop. When I opened them, Austin was smiling and did a silent little golf clap.

I have soap in my eyes. I woke up about 3 AM to the sound of the shower.

Gay brother stories

It was about 6 months into the marriage that Karen had to go to New York for a week. Jeff is in my opinion a Greek god come to life.

This was my first time that I saw what Karen really liked about Jeff. Total 0 votes Loading I am 7" and very thick.

God it was huge, borther looked like he was trying to steal a salami by hiding it in his shorts. I moved my head down so my lips were just above the tip of that fat monster.

I got a call from Jeff saying he wanted to come over if that was okay with me. It was not only I was 15 that I started seeing my brother in a different light.

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Karen and Jeff got married about 7 months ago. My head slid against the side of his waist where he held me, and I tried to keep my stubble off of his skin.

I slowly had him grinding to my finger fucking motions as he beat off. Then I stopped and worked my middle finger in. I gently brushed his lips with my tongue and he sucked me in.

I need to finish my shower. The soap suds that covered me were beginning to dry and get sticky. I was jealous of Karen all my life because she got everything she wanted, and now she has the perfect man too, boy was I bummed. Felt naughty and more intense to do that in front of me, didn"t it?

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I slowly jacked his dick and he just layed back and moaned. His legs, when they made contact with my chest and cock, were slippery and storiss. His face contorted and his body shuddered as he shot his load.

This is when he started to talk to me about Karen Only then I realized that I was not much into girls as other boys of my age. He was surprised but didn't stop me. He was the only one that truly understood who I was and he was always by my side.