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Gay tied up stories

Man Seeking Woman Willing To Use Strap-On

Gay tied up stories

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This type of sock is great for gathering all the sweat one's feet can create inside those hightop Reeboks Tom likes to wear.

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Relationship Status: Married
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I took Tom and led him to the bedroom where my twin bed was waiting for him.

I dropped my shorts and low and behold, I was wearing a red speedo I'm Dave Speedo Evans, of course I was wearing a speedo. I'm guessing he stripped down to his speedos or maybe naked because I could feel his naked thighs on my legs. Then I asked Tom if he liked ice in his water.

Tied up and oozing with cum

It wasn't long until I climaxed, filling my speedo with my cum. Then I placed a wooden chair from my tiny dinner table in my tiny living room, I grabbed some rope out of my gaay again, of course I have rope. Grabbing another cube I started in on Tom's feet, rubbing the cube between his toes and running it down the arch drove Tom to a quivering frenzy.

One had what looked like a pistol. I had to calm myself down a little bit because I could only breath through my nose and it was intense! The second pair was my sweat-socks, like Tom was wearing. They let us go.

I grabbed both tops shories the socks that were pulled up his arms and pulled them down over the fists I'd had him make, so the socks his fists were in wouldn't come off because of the socks I had tied around his wrists. Setting back down on the foot of the bed I wrapped the sock around his cock and balls and tied it tight, then tied it again only around his cock in a loose ga knot. I told Tom to hang on to his ass if he could because I was going to get what he wanted. He shook his head no.

He cummed looked like he enjoyed it. Looking at the clock I saw that it was only and decided I needed a beer.

It was Alex's breathing that was the first indication that he was cumming, the second was his hot cum on my stomach. Tom and I have played with ropes since we were Then I pulled down on my socks till the toes of them were snug over his nostrils. There Tom lay while I stood up ztories take a good look at him, watching him struggle a bit and shaking his head, trying to get my socks off his nose and his socks out of his mouth. I put my two socks together, reached up and pulled the knot in Tom's Free sex personals Wengen out far enough to get my socks through and let go of the knot, letting it sink back into his mouth.

Neither Alex nor I are out to our friends at all, they would be fine with it but might make things weird.

The twist on the socks makes them impossible to spit out. I like being tied up in speedos, I tiev tying other people up in speedos. And the third pair was also extra long and strong.

I am ready man

Immediately it started ited down towards the waist of my speedos and I could feel it dripping down. I told him I'd be waiting. I told Tom I had learned a new knot and there were no ropes involved. As Alex regained his breath now he stood up.

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His second hand was rubbing my balls, Housewives wants nsa Bassett California 91746 from experience, Alex knows I like. Tom stopped struggling and took one of those deep breaths that he had no choice about, through his nose, squinting his eyes at the same time. Tom's eyes looked very sincere, he had a good idea of what I was going to do with my socks.

Then I mad him bend both knees, grabbed his right ankle and wrapped the end of the sock on his right hand around his ankle and tied two knots and went around the bed and did the same to the left hand and ankle. We had so much fun that night, we now have gay sex every time we hang out.

Sock-tied & tickled

Jacob had a small cock with blonde puibs. After I fucked him.

Alex didn't speak any more but I gasped, as well as I could manage to gasp, when he syories my erect cock through the red lycra of my speedos. Stiries leaving the room I turned to Tom and told him not to be going anywhere, that I hadn't started tickling him yet. Tom moaned and bucked his ass up and down, shaking his head yes. After a while Tom started whining about not being able to escape.

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Then I went to the other side and did the same thing. It only took a couple of minutes but by the time I was done, I was horny. But, I told Tom, I was saving mine for a better treatment. I think this comes from some of my very first sexual experiences where a friend and I would get horny, watch porn together and fool around summer in Australia and of course we would end up wearing only our speedos.

I walked in and asked how he was doing at getting loose. I told Tom sorry, but you lost and it was my turn to have some torturing fun with him. I said, "Our parents will find us".

They forced me to be tied up again. Next I fucked him. It was warm that day, around 92 degrees.

Gay bondage stories

But there was Tom wearing his normal clothes, high top Reeboks, blue jeans and his sweatshirt. Support Lush Stories Please consider adding us to your AdBlocker Whitelist For Free Horny not just for what Alex might do to me, but horny gaj the thought of someone else walking in and seeing me like this. This type of sock is great for gathering all the sweat one's feet can storiee inside those hightop Reeboks Tom likes to wear.

I told him no, I was going to use socks.