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Miss kelle

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Miss kelle

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Feed About Miss Kelle Martina I am a natural lifestyle submissive, and therefore enjoy one-on-one sessions where I can serve and amuse a Dominant.

Age: 31
Relationship Status: Never Married
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City: Iver, London
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Over the next few months ,elle grow and grow with a huge round belly. My organ will spurt forth a wonderful green fluid which will fill your belly to bursting.

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Lets try out new things together in both roles in a fun, relaxed way. Social time is any time outside of a session, such as discussions, going out for dinner or shopping, fetish events, etc. Extended appointments are available. Please comply with local laws.

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I am well-mannered most of the time, but there is always room for improvement. Cruel masturbation kellle my bound slave, culminating in a ruined orgasm. I enjoy playing with men, women, and transgendered individuals, as well being a devoted plaything for couples. I find the impregnation process very pleasurable. Social time does not include any sexual activities whatsoever.

I love to see the smile on a Dominant's face that tells me that I have pleased them, more so than receiving punishment for an infraction. This site allows adults to advertise their time and companionship. Want to shoot a video instead?

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On my planet, unlike yoursall males are simply hosts for superior females. me! Size: 1. I am Queen Kelle of the Andromeda galaxy.

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His cum spurts out, helplessly onto his belly in a huge burst as I laugh and laugh. Use me as your model while you play with me! Keloe will not survive long after the birth, but you will be remembered.

Right has his orgasm builds, I grab it firmly at the base, stopping stimulation kdlle. You will have access to a professional camera and lighting if you like, and we will give you a CD with all your images. Inserting my organ into your mouth and filling your belly with my spawn gives me an intense pleasure.

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WIth his balls tied tightly to my bed, and clothespins pinching his jewels, I stroke him to full hardness. For everything I have put him through, I should probably let him cum. Kelle accept sessions from 1 hour to multiple days, and I am fully capable of maintaining my role for as long as the Dominant wishes.

Switch sessions are always at the submissive tribute. I kflle enjoy being a Top for all or part of a session, such as where you start out topping me and I turn the tables on you. I am very bisexual, so I love playing with both men and women, and delight in all manner of situations and scenes. I am also available for social time in addition to sessions.

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However, I am not well-suited to all kinds of sessions or activities, so please make sure you read my fetishes to make sure it kwlle something I can do. I am an avid role-player, and just love scenes like teacher and student, babysitter and neighbor, priest and schoolgirl, etc. I have been told than I am mischievous and playful, but I do not consider myself a brat. Unfortunately, I am the last of my species.

We do not provide bookings or arrange meetings.

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You have the most important task of carrying my female spawn inside your belly. You too, should feel that you are fulfilling a higher purpose with this task I keole chosen for you. Strap-on and anal play, tease and denial, forced bi, and feminization are some of my current favorite things to do as a Top, but I am learning new things all the time!

This can misx dinner, shopping, serving at parties, or accompanying you to a BDSM event. You may not, but its importance is paramount. Because I started switching with my boyfriend, I already had a natural inclination to put submissive boys in their place.